Financial Planning

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Most people assume retirement planning stops at investments. While investments are a critical component, they are not the entire plan. In order to help you achieve your retirement goals, we walk you through every aspect of a better financial plan, including:



Estate Planning

Insurance Analysis

Tax planning


Most of our clients are not in a position to lose the money they have entrusted to us.

Whether it is funds set aside for retirement or their children’s college education, preservation of capital is paramount. As such, our investment process focuses on minimizing portfolio risk.

Accordingly, there are important steps to our investment
process for client portfolios:

Establish a strategic allocation for each portfolio.
Adjust the asset allocation away from the strategic allocation when there are “fat-pitch” opportunities. A “fat-pitch” opportunity is when one asset is undervalued relative to competing asset classes.
Fundamentally, we are long-term investors looking for value in both the equity and debt markets throughout the world.

After identifying tactical asset-class opportunities, we execute our strategy using mutual funds and ETF’s. We determine which mutual funds and ETF’s to use by analyzing a host of quantitative and and qualitative criteria. While the quantitative metrics are somewhat obvious (i.e., return vs. peer group, consistent performance, low expenses), the qualitative review is more challenging. For this we consider factors such as the manager’s investment discipline, the stability and culture of the organization, the quality of the team, and their commitment to the shareholders.

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401k Plans

We have served as investment consultants to many 401k plans for over 20 years. Some of our services include:

Helping select investment options to include in the plan monitoring selected investment options
Creating and managing model portfolios from the selected investment options
Meeting with the client (or 401k committee) regularly
Educating plan participants about financial concepts
Helping participants select investments appropriate for their personal goals
Advisory services through EFP Advisors Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Discover clarity for your retirement plan

We help you develop a better plan so you can confidently
move into and through retirement.

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