McDaniel & Register, through a strategic partnership with a national insurance brokerage company, maintains insurance contracts with the top-rated providers.  Some of the more common types of insurance we have provided include:

  • term life insurance
  • whole life insurance
  • guaranteed universal life insurance
  • second-to-die life insurance
  • long term care (Nursing home and Home care) insurance
  • disability insurance

We are not ‘captive’ agents to any particular insurance company, meaning we have no quota of insurance to sell for any particular company in order to receive some special benefit from that company.  We only maintain ‘brokerage’ contracts with insurance companies.  The benefit to our clients is that we are truly independent when selecting appropriate insurance products.  We are able to ‘shop the market’ through our strategic partnership with a national insurance brokerage company in order to choose the product which best fits our clients’ needs.

Advisory services through EFP Advisors Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor